Witch Island by Sheila Golding

Teeny Tiny Witch is a little witch who loves to wear red, and has trouble with spells. She goes to the Academy for Young Witches and her mishaps with spell-casting gets her into trouble with the head mistress, Miss Pillinger who reports everything to the Icy Witch Queen. Everyone on Witch Island is afraid of her.

She and her mother are hopeful as she sets off to the academy; she's been given one more chance to do it right. Will she pass her exams? But what will the Icy Witch Queen do if she doesn't succeed?

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Lucinda as frog

Author Sheila Golding

Icy Witch Queen of Witch Island

  • KALAZOO, Do!

    Teeny Tiny Witch levitates Miss Pillinger.

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  • Exams Day

    This is her chance, oh my!
    colored by Isabel, age ten

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  • Higher she goes

    Though Teeny Tiny Witch tries her best, something goes wrong.

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