May. 11, 2015

What Is Done Is Done

As we get older, we all wonder where life has gone.
Before we realize it, time slips away.
We wonder what to do or what to say,
Or should we just bow our heads and pray?
We want to spend our time well, but it doesn't always work that way.
All we can do is live the rest of our lives, day by day.

Time is the one luxury we should never waste.
When it is spent, it can’t be used again.
Some people live sheltered lives.
They need a break; a new life, they try to begin.
They say you can't buy love, but you can't buy time, neither.
Some people try, but that is their folly.
No, because from the time we are born, we are destined to die.
They show fake happiness; that is how they get their Jollies.

People rush around too fast; they hurry to get things done.
They don’t take time to enjoy the small moments that matter.
We need to chill out, and just have a little fun.
And then when it’s too late, they find they hate
The foolishness of their taking time for granted,
When they should have just chilled out;
And to the Great Spirit, they should have Chanted

Every minute we chip away, just think what we are chiseling,
What is the end result?
Is it a life we are proud of, or is it a life filled with regret?
Will it be worth it, in the end?
It is up to each of us, what we do with our lives
And with the time we are allotted
We all have regrets.
It’s our nature to err and make mistakes,
But we are supposed to learn along the way
And make fewer errors in our latter days

Each day is a chance to make a fresh start.
The younger generation tells us what we did in life,
It just doesn't matter, but at least I can say what is in my heart.
Each day is our hope to a life of happiness
And we live our elder lives in complete bliss.
We are the master of our path, the planner of our future
Live not for the past, but for the future, while standing in the present.
It is up to us to live our life the way we choose.

Know the people you are sworn to represent.
Your company is what can break or make you.
Why should we take their crap when we are older?
We know what we must do.

Your friends will be with you at worst times,
And during good times,
And if they are not, they weren't friends, but just tricksters
Do right by me, I'll do right by you,
Just don't stand there and try to tell us what to do.

Learn from the past, and you will be glad
You followed your heart,
Life is not easy.
It isn't always fair,
But you get what you need,
When you need it ,
Make the call.
And if you don’t get it,
It never mattered, after all.

We try to instill in the youth, the benefit of our knowledge.
We were them once, and they will be us soon enough.
They don't seem to care, so it really doesn't matter.
Later we will fill their ears with “See, I told you so."
Or one day they’ll say, “Yeah, my mama told me not to do it.”
If you don't like what I say, then take my advice and just go.

And we come full circle.
What comes around, goes around.
What goes around, comes around;
That’s the wheel of fortune
And that’s destiny
And karma too ;if you think about it.

But in this life of pain and strife,
Some of us will learn a very valuable lesson,
So that is one thing we should never forget.
Yes, in this life of pain and strife,
Some of us will learn something we will never forget.
What ever we do in life, it will come back on us ten fold.
If it is bad, yes;
And if it’s good, then what?

If we do good in the world, we will benefit from what we've done.
So the truth of the matter is this:
What is done is done.
Yes, good or bad; it could be either one,
Because in life, what is done is done.

The End.

JD Couch and Jerriann Law