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May. 14, 2015


Chelsea Waits




Chelsea was in the shadows and dust covered her. A cobweb was draped in front of her. Sometimes, the spider waited for flies to be tangled and then it would feed, and time passed.

A long time went by.

Chelsea never moved. She never blinked. A dirty film covered her blue irises. She waited and waited; she knew this wait must end.


A day came when noises echoed from a distance: activity was happening.

Chelsea never moved. She smiled; however, she smiled all the time. It was fixed upon her rosebud lips permanently.

More time passed. But it was a short time.


Noises grew loud, and the echoing sound of footsteps neared, much louder.

She saw the blond-haired girl, and she knew her. She did not know her, but still, somehow, she knew her.

This girl would find her and claim her, and take her away and clean her up, and wash her clothes and maybe sleep with her; but most of all, this blond-haired girl would love her.

She watched the girl swing around. Any minute she would be discovered.

And now...the blond-haired girl bent forward, her hands on her knees. " that a doll? Someone left her here in this dusty place."

She ran over and reached out, but then she screamed. "Oh, a spider; I'm scared of spiders!" She backed away in terror.

Chelsea waited for her to grab something to knock the spider web away, but instead the blond-haired girl continued to sob and back away.

A woman appeared, saying, "Becca, what’s wrong?"

She expected Becca would tell the woman about her. Instead, she shook in fear. "It's dirty and spooky in this attic. Everything’s too scary. Take me downstairs, Mommy. I'm scared. I don't like it up here."

But the woman spotted Chelsea. She reached through the dangling cobweb. She grabbed her by the arm. "Honey, here's the doll. You want her, don't you?"

"She's dirty, and ugly. Her hair looks tangled. She wears rags; oh, Mommy, I just want to go to the kitchen. Milk and cookies, Mommy; please, I got scared by that nasty spider. It almost bit me."

Chelsea looked into the woman's face. She smiled as sweetly as her already set face allowed. Her eyes fell closed as she was tipped over.

And then a thump and she was face down in something soft. "I will get her later, when I come back for those curtains; down the stairs, my little Pudding Dumpling, Miss Giggles.”

"Oh, Mommy; so, I will get cookies and milk?" She giggled.

“Yes, darling, fresh baked cookies just for you, and a big glass of milk.”

“Yummy for my tummy,” Becca giggled.


Footsteps echoed away, and Chelsea was shaken as a door slammed shut.

She lay face down. How long a wait? When would that little girl love her? Would she be loved or forgotten in this dusty, hot attic?

Chelsea waited patiently. It was all she could do.


11-5-2010, Jerriann Law