Aug. 30, 2015

When You Deny Your Age

Thought of the day: For those of you who don't want to claim their true birth year, deny it and if there's historic points in your life you lived through, but to admit it means you're much older than you like to let on, so you give up that right to say "I was there when..." 
You're cheating yourself out of a big part of your life, your true youth in fact, for the tag of a 'younger-sounding number.' And in the long run, the only one you fool is yourself, plus people already know when you lie about your age. Vanity is a sad thing to embrace.
Instead, embrace your age and all the milestones in it, and mark them with gladness and be proud when you can say things like:
"The first president I remember was J.F. Kennedy, and this is what I was doing the day he died....age five, watching cartoons on TV when it was interrupted with 'The president has been shot."
"I saw Cleopatra at the drive-in and it was a double feature; with intermission between, because it was such a long show, but it was so thrilling the drive-in was packed."
"I saw the Moon-landing on TV, and wondered about the banner that flashed on the bottom of the screen: THIS IS A SIMULATION."
"When Simon and Garfunkel's song "The Sound of Silence" played the first time I heard it I was in Woolco's Department store and everyone in the store stopped talking to listen to it play.The quiet was awesome; i've never heard a song affect people like that one did."
"I remember the Beatles coming to America, but The Monkees on TV were a bigger talk at school, and I was in second grade."
"I can claim Night of the Living Dead, ET, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and most Christopher Lee Dracula movies, as well as Star Trek, Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, and the first Star Wars shows which I saw when they were new. As well as plenty of others."
"The day they announced that Elvis had died was not August 16th, 1977, but the 17th, so the world didn't know about it until the next day. School started that day as well in Bowling Green, Ky. My bro was in 5th grade and i was 19 that year. Star Wars had been playing for months and still holding strong at the box office."
Those are just a few nuggets of gold in my life's historic memories and there are plenty more besides; yes. I'm 57 and wear my age like a badge; experiences are proof of who you are and who you've walked this life with. Why deny all that to say you're even a day younger than you are? If I live another week or thirty more years or even fifty, I want to remember where I've been and who journeyed with me even if only a short span; we interlink; don't break the thread of your life for a lie. You will have lost a part of yourself only you know and what's the fun in that?