Photo Album

JD Couch

book cover for our collection Shattered Dreams, Poems, Chants and Short Stories

Jerriann Law

coming soon, a children's illustrated story about a family of squirrels, the Theodore's Great Adventure

coming soon, a collection of horror stories, Inside-Outside Macabre Tales

Jerriann Wayahowl Law

JD collage

coming soon, a zombie story...Granite Falls

Ignatius Ignoramus the Ill-fated


Coming soon: Kara


COLLECTION JUST BELIEVE with illustrations

Charlie Littlebear, poet and co-author in 2 of our collections The Light of Day and Unforgettable Yesterdays


Gremlin, a PI in story by same name


coming soon:Vampire

Coming soon: Jeopardy MacNaill and the Chair of Release and Remembrance

Unforgettable Yesterdays, with JD Couch, Charlie Littlebear and Jerriann Law

Dead Man's Fingers

Little Moon and the Spirit Animals

Red Slippers

Mystery of the Delton House

Night Shifters written by LM Couch, JD's sister, and Jerriann Law

coming soon, collection written by LM Couch and Jerriann Law

Jack Bane, Eyes of the Owl, Book 1

Jack Bane 2, Cheiro's Academy of Parapsychology

Jack Bane 3 Fatal Vision

Light of Day by JD Couch, Jerriann Law and Charlie Littlebear