Jerriann's bio

Jerriann Law Bio:

Jerriann lives in Kentucky, an award winning author of poetry, short stories and art. She writes paranormal mysteries and horror with her partner JD Couch, and they also write song lyrics and she creates videos and posts them on YouTube.

She has had several true life experiences of a supernatural kind that has made her a believer and which has been the driving force behind much of her weird fiction.

She is grateful to have a writing partner who so often syncs with her on ideas they may not even have discussed yet. She has a saying: two heads are better than one when you are writing.

JD's bio

JD Couch Bio:

JD Couch lives in Rutherfordton, North Carolina with his wife and kids; he has been a writer since the age of nine. He writes anything from Poems to Lyrics to Mystery, fantasy, fiction and some non-fiction; but one of his greatest talents is his ability to compose music. He has played rhythm guitar for 44 years, and his greatest advisor in all that he does in his life is his wife Colleen. She is first reader and gives an unbiased opinion which has helped make him a better author. He loves his craft and never finds it a chore but a joy and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

JD’s second advisor is his partner Ms Jerriann Law: “She sees into the minds of our characters and has the uncanny ability to breathe life into their nostrils. That, in my opinion, makes her brilliant in her own right; she is my Sister/Partner in everything we do. thanks, Sister. Jerriann, you are the best, and I have learnt a lot from you.”

JD believes that the imagination is a great thing to those who know how to use it, but few do or everyone would do it.