Little Moon and the Animal Spirits

Joe Little Moon sets out hiking, one day, and as he journeys along side a creek, he meets four animals in distress; each one caught in a trap made by man's careless ways; as he helps each one, he is concerned by the signs of pollution and the imbalance of nature verses humanity.
Before he returns home he is met by the Animal Spirits who show him a future that is all too bleak; but is there hope? It takes one to step forward and begin the change; will Joe accept the challenge?

Ignatius Ignoramus the Ill-fated

Teacher Ignatius Ignoramus has a secret desire and fire doesn't worry him; he believes he can outlive others by standing in the sun; he tells Tommy Tingles, Suzie Slurpkupp and other classmates on the last day of school in the year 2012.
School's out for Christmas;Tommy invites him on an adventure stretching over the wildest boundaries; it's a race against time to save the planet. Ignatius's curiosity may be his downfall in this changing end time.
Humorously written, with as wild and free an imagination as could be achieved, the story is meant to give you a romp that takes the reader beyond anything you've read before; it's meant to thrill for the sheer fun of the unusual, so read it with an open mind and just accept that as crazy as it may sound, it actually is going somewhere!

Buster and Rabun Save Christmas

Santa is kidnapped by his nemesis the Dark Elf, Chider Drownecki Lunes, who will do everything in his power to ruin Christmas and force children to stop believing in Santa Claus. It takes the teamwork of Santa’s oldest Reindeer, Buster, and his retired Elf friend, Rabun, to figure out a way to stop Chider, before it’s too late. With the determination of everyone in Santaville working together, will they succeed, so Santa can get the toys delivered on time?

Shattered Dreams: Poems, Chants and Short Stories

A collection of poems, chants and short stories about shattered dreams, written with the desire to open readers' eyes to the injustices going on in the world today. Chants is a conversation between two Native American hawk spirits, Windhawk and Snowhawk, who discuss things they observe going on and in concern, they wonder about what will happen to Mother Earth. 
A deep love of nature, and a concern for our world, brings forth an urgency to instill a sense of responsible action in readers. This is at the root of many of the poems and chants within. 
The short stories bring humor, wonder, and mystery into the collection, and several are written with a Native American theme.

Red Slippers

This prize-winning story of 2001's Writer's Digest Writing Competition centers around a pair of slippers left sitting on a stoop. As the day progresses, three people from different walks of life are drawn to them, each telling a different story. What is the attraction behind this mysterious pair of shoes? 

A gentleman out for a stroll, thinking of ways he can please his wife, feels himself drawn to the stoop of Number 111. He knocks, but with nobody home, contemplates doing something completely out of character. But while temptation is powerful, he's unwilling to succumb to the strange forces.

A boy, walking his dog, struggles with inner turmoil as he investigates the lure of the slippers. Something sinister? Why has his dog become so spooked?

A woman, more observant, senses something unusual, but is the situation as innocent as it appears to be?

What draws these people? How exactly can a discarded pair of slippers have such different and unusual effects on them all?



Mystery of the Delton House

Talbot McNear, a psychic investigator and research professor is called in by Jimmy Letterman, a real estate director in Sharps Landing, NC to investigate the  mysterious haunting of the Delton House.

They go to the farmhouse, along with a young helper named Roscoe to spend the night and record whatever activity of a paranormal kind they can and while there try to unravel the mysterious disappearances of Mr. and Mrs. Delton  more than fifty years before.

Dead Man's Fingers

A young man on a walk discovers a flyer car that he's wanted for years in the back yard of a house for rent. it is a rare Ashtar Dom, and he's so determined to have it, he buys the property too, as that's the only way he can own it.

Later when it is being restored, the skeletal hand is found in the glove compartment, and when he and his fiancee go to the garage they encounter a lot more than they bargained for.

Light of Day

JD Couch, and Jerriann Law have this collection of poems and lyrics to demonstrate how we feel about incidents in every day life; many refer to 'the light of day' giving illustration about this awesome event, but it is more than that; it's hope, seeking God and good, while retaining a light hearted-ness and continuation of what is best in life. Who is the light of Day and how will it effect you?

Most of the poems in this compilation were inspired from true life every-day experiences which had a huge impact on us and brought us our desire for penning their creation. For us, poetry has always been around in some way, shape or form. Sometimes, poetry is the best way to express how we feel; be it about a lost love or an unforgettable place we’ve been that inspired a poem; we write what feels right at the time, since a poem says it better than prose, in most cases.

Some of the poems may make you laugh; others may make you cry, and some may even make you a little angry, and yes, we anticipate this kind of reaction because we are not writing bland words put in a simple child’s poem, but poetry written expressly to get the mind gears turning, and the blood pumping, and the heart thumping, and the thoughts as well as feelings churning. So if something herein did jiggle a bit of anger from a reader; at least know we spoke with honesty, and know it’s hard to please everyone, but maybe that anger is due to being upset that the world is in the shape it is and you want to do something about it; if so, that has been our aim and we welcome you to join in.
We write from the heart; and yes, we’re expressing our opinion by our viewpoint of a given subject that inspired us to jot down each of these poems.

The main thing is; whatever Impression you had that was generated by our poems shows we succeeded in getting you to think, and that’s our greatest hope. We want you to think; hopefully, you’ll come to see we meant only the best, and no harm to anyone or anything. We write to ‘wake up’ our audience to the needs in this world; we are all the future’s hope, in the here and now. 
If it brought you to feel anything, you’re going to remember that fact. The majority of readers will walk away glad they read this collection, and will want to come by again, later on, for another reading. They were designed to make you think about your life in a whole new way, and maybe you’ll read something here that will help you cross that bridge and walk between an old way of thinking into a better understanding about your friendship with God and son, and the path to joy and happiness. 

Unforgettable Yesterdays

A collection of historic themed poetry, chants, essays and lyrics with links to the matching YouTube videos where readers can follow along and sing these original songs while being entertained by videos produced by Snowhawk Littlebear Productions. 
This collection is not for children, due to the content being adult themed and strong language is sometimes used. Teens and Adults only please. 
There are ecological themes, Native American themes, and political opinion is expressed strongly about issues that the authors are not bashful in stating how they feel; we hope to open a few eyes, but we aren't trying to offend anyone so if you think you wouldn't like open and to the point expressions of speech then don't buy or read this book, but if you are looking for a view of the unvarnished truth about the world and the things going on in it, then by all means, you will enjoy this collection.



Love’s Rope, a Native American Proverb

The Great Father above, a Spirit Chief is He.
I am His warrior, and with Him, I hunt to protect.
He throws me a lasso, and its name is Love’s Rope.
With it, my path is never lost, for His lasso
Guides me where the river’s bank is green,
And the tranquil waters ease me.
He fills my soul with spiritual nourishment.
I eat and rest, and I am content.
When my heart was heavy with life's troubles,
And my steps were unsure, and I fell,
A’ho, Spirit Chief brought me to my feet.
His bow is strong, his arrow a sure shot;
It points the way toward an honorable path.

Although many moons may pass, one day, I’ll hear
The call of my secret name, and I’ll walk the Red Path.
Into the wide meadow of shadows, I’ll trek, without fear;
A’ho; though shadows lie thick on the ground; dark in wrath;
I travel sure-footed, for my heart-light shines bright.
The meadow of death lies between two great mountains;
Spirit Chief walks with me; no evil dares harm me.
This life's heartaches and material woes stay behind me.
A’ho; I shall be satisfied with all I find that is right.

Although, at times, bitter can be Love’s rope,
Spirit Chief provides a walking stick for me to lean on.
He spreads a banquet before me;
A’ho, and even the mountain lion shares
With the buffalo calf, as the rabbit does with the coyote;
His touch heals my body;
My braids are soaked in scented oil.
All man’s woes flow away on the river;
Overflowing in generosity is Goodness’ bowl.
Bountiful and merciful is the Spirit Chief.

A’ho; Love’s Rope shall never be severed.
During the passage of my moons, humble is my dance,
Honoring Earth and Sky is the reason why I dance;
Joyful, I am, walking on the Red Path, that last day.
A’ho; I journey to the Big Tepee sky-village, and there
I’ll meet all my relations in the Happy Hunting Ground;
And we’ll live with the Spirit Chief in harmony,
And there we’ll stay in that peaceful meadow, forever-more.
Jerriann Law, this revision edited, Jan, 2014

Just Believe

Just Believe is a collection of poems and stories featuring unusual themes, having that sense that one should just believe and not ever give up on hope, or on the belief that much is out there that goes beyond common thought or reasoning, and isn't always easily explained. 

This collection is illustrated with artwork and photographs by artist and author Jerriann Law.

There are thirteen stories and poems included in the collection, which is the first in a series. There will be at least two and maybe more, coming.

Most of the stories were written in the fall of 2012, but some are older. Most include the date written, and the majority were co-written with my partner, Jerriann Law, and the rest are by her.

Just Believe features unusual themes, having that sense that one should just believe and not ever give up on hope, or on the belief that much is out there that goes beyond common thought or reasoning, and isn't always easily explained.