Long Cold Winter

We have a manuscript we are nearing completion on called Long Cold Winter.
Jessica Robbins lives in a small Kentucky town, Harlan City, in 1993. Someone is killing young women in the area.
Jessica might have a clue as to who is doing these heinous crimes. Someone has stalked her and that stalker is the Phonebook Killer.
Jessica is willing to fight for the honor of her fallen friends, and to help police apprehend the villain, she risks her life, only to find that she's been wanted by the killer all along.
The country is under a blizzard's dangerous windchill. Heavy snow thickens over the landscape. Caught in its isolation won't help Detectives Al Champion and Blake Bridges rescue her before she becomes the final victim of the Phonebook Killer.
Jessica decides she must rely on her intelligence and ingenuity to thwart her kidnapper. She will fight for her life, determined to stop her tormentor forever. But the Phonebook Killer has planned for this moment. There's only one who will be left standing when the storm comes to an end.

Jerriann Law, the author -illustrator

Imagination is a great thing

Imagination is a great thing for those who know how to use it, but not everyone can or we all could do it. A writer's work is never done. But it is more gratifying if it's something you love. I believe that writing is a gift from God. And this is my life's motto.
Author JD Couch

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in the slideshow, Native Spirit, that's our band, my brother Larry is on bass, I'm on guitar. We write our own music and lyrics, and Jerriann Law is  my partner; we write the songs together and she makes the videos.

the author JD Couch


THE Author/Musician JD Couch

author Sheila Golding

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